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Balazeal's News

Posted by Balazeal - September 7th, 2012

...comes back and can't remember to crop quotes. It's been longer than I thought.

Posted by Balazeal - February 29th, 2012


Posted by Balazeal - May 28th, 2011

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Posted by Balazeal - April 29th, 2010

That header. I'm never going to finish it...ever. In fact, I haven't even started.
I will however, probably get rid of the one I have now. I feel sloppy.

Posted by Balazeal - February 5th, 2010

Just started work on new project. It's been a while since I completed anything (got a gallery full of sketches though, I'll be sure to upload those to my DeviantArt sometime). Hopefully this one won't take as long as Suit Slug did.

Edit: It's taking as long (longer actually). In fact, I still haven't started yet.

Also, guess what I noticed? Hur hur hur.
6,630 EXP = 6.66 Base Voting Power.

Hur hur hur hur hur<p><p><a

Posted by Balazeal - January 8th, 2010

So I downloaded the 30 day free trial of Flash CS3 and don't spend a single moment animating. Instead, I'm using my remaining 4 days to doodle in flash. Hehe, oh well. When in the Flash, draw with vectors ;)

Posted by Balazeal - December 13th, 2009

It's been three weeks since I last said I'd work on my new header. I still haven't. I did, however stick with the slug theme and make this. Really though, that header I have right now needs to go. I'm sure I'll finish it by January.

Posted by Balazeal - November 7th, 2009

I'm going to finish that header. Instead of working on it, I drew this. Really though, gonna finish that header soon...I'm sure of it.

Also, half-assing backrounds is fun.

Posted by Balazeal - October 3rd, 2009

I'm going to finish it eventually, I'm sure of it. Instead of working on the Header, I drew a Purple Duck...and then I continued to prolong the completion of my header when I drew a rather toothy-heart monster.

In addition, I think I like the style I've made Acid Heart and Purple Bird in, I think I may try more of that.

Update 11/10/9 I've made a replacement header until I feel like completing the below...

Another Update 24/10/09 Big thanks to M-Shack and Seriously for sending me Art Portal Invites!

Durr...pic so far.

That header

Posted by Balazeal - September 19th, 2009

Finished the sig, changed aura, all that's left to do now is make a new header.