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Awesome Parody!

Great flash, the humor was clever and funny, and as usual high quality art work and voice acting.


How these flashes never cease to amaze me I will never understand, but what I do know is that this flash, like the rest of the Weebl's, continues to deliver a awesomely odd experience unlike any other.

Friggin Awesome

The whole thing was great, the art, the animation, everything. Although, I found that, were it not for his clothing, I was barely able to recognize Pico.

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Absolutely Sinister

Yet at the same time, innovative, creative, and brilliant. Very creative idea for a game, obviously aimed at medal whores. While I can't exactly say I had a blast playing this game, you get points for creativity.

I'm Disapointed

First, I'm going to get this out of the way, as usual, the graphics were amazing, and the game ran very smoothly, any lag I experienced was negligible at best.

After I was finished drooling over the game's visuals, the first thing I noticed was the jumpy camera. After taking out the first few enemies, I found platforming up to the next part a bit awkward, the camera zoomed in each time I stopped jumping. The controls were alright, though I wouldn't have minded the ability to aim with my mouse. Everything else was fine, for the most part, the only problem with your game is the camera, but it's a big enough problem to disrupt the gameplay.

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Doesn't exactly have that 'Bioshock' feel. Most of the tracks in Bioshock feature string instruments, and I noticed you tried to simulate that with those high pitch sounds, but they were just a bit too sharp.

Castle Crashers?

Awesome, makes my mind think of gears grinding, pumps pumping, eh, you know. Anyway, great stuff, I wouldn't mind seeing a third attempt at industrial.

PS.I think I hear this song in Castle Crashers (XBL Arcade) am I correct?

PSS.To be specific, the 'Barbarian Wars' second boss battle.

This, is a tribute?

If this is a tribute, you must really hate Liduc II.

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